The need for providing specialised service to small scale sector is increasing with the rapid development of these industries in the state. Apart from new products and items introduced, new raw materials have also come into existence, throwing open a vast field of operation & exploitation. Small scale industries are, however, handicapped by lack of competent technical & management personnel as well as financial resources. In order to help SSIs in such areas, MSME - Development Institute, Kolkata is offering technical and managerial consultancy services through field visits to the needy units. The officers visit the units to guide them in the following areas :

(a) Requirement of plant & machinery including layout
(b) Use of improved mfg. Technology/design/process
(c) Improvement in tooling
(d) Product development
(e) Consultancy for diversification
(f) Management Capability improvement
(g) Offering Management training
(h) Improvement in marketing
(i) Availability of finance
(j) Other registration/policies of Govt./support services by other agencies etc.

The above services are also rendered at MSME - Development Institute premises and through correspondence to the new entrepreneurs as well. The new entrepreneurs desirous to set up SSI units are guided to select their product, location, raw materials, machinery, technology & other problems, apart from the above listed areas.
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