While Marketing is primarily an entrepreneurial function, all possible efforts have been made to help MSME sector in their marketing endeavour. The following services are offered under this category of assistance.

(i) MSME Enterprises applying for NSIC registration under the stores-purchase programme of the Govt. of India are inspected and assisted to enlist them under NSIC. This service is chargeable. Enlistment with NSIC offers an unprecedented opportunity not only for exposure of MSME's products but also for tender marketing, wholesale distribution, publicity & confidence.

(ii) Complaints of non-observance of purchase policy are taken up with the concerned organisation, PSUs etc.

(iii) MSME Enterprises are periodically invited to Vendor Development Programmes, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs etc. for participation to broaden their marketing network. Short-term training courses on marketing management are conducted to update their marketing skill & knowledge.
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