The programme of Ancillarisation includes motivation of public & private sector units to offload production of components, parts, sub-assemblies, toolings, intermediates, services etc. to ancillary units. The Ancillary Development Programmes have specific advantages both for large as well as small industries and also for overall economy of the state/country.

MSME - Development Institute, Kolkata keeps constant liaison with administrative machinery at state levels, public/private sector undertakings & other industrial developmental agencies through various programmes such as vendor development programme, buyer-sellers meet, ancillary exhibition, seminar/workshops, state level ancillary advisory meetings, plant level committee meetings with PSUs & visit to Public /Pvt. Sector Undertakings for the promotion of small, ancillary & sub-contracting units.

For the promotion of fruitful and lasting contracts between large/medium undertakings and small scale ancillary units, Sub-Contracting Exchanges (SCX) are functioning in MSME - Development Institute, Kolkata. The spare capacity for different facilities as available with the competent MSME units are registered with the SCX. These SCX also obtains such items from large units which are required by them & can be manufactured by MSMEs. SCX organise contacts between buyers * sellers by various modes/programmes. SCX is equipped with latest equipment like Plain Paper Copiers, Electronic typewriters, FAX, Computer terminal etc.
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